Frequently asked questions

What makes your backlink guide so special?
We have a unique step-by-step guide on backlink building and general online business presence for several small business categories. We do not focus on advanced strategies and show you only the content that You actually need to know as a small business owner.
Can my purchase be refunded?
Unfortunately we do not offer any refunds for digital products, because they can not be returned. If you paid for an item and didn’t receive it – get in touch with our customer support by sending us an email at: info [at] (replace “[at]” with @).
How to get enrolled to our super secret marketing group on Facebook?
Once you make a purchase, you will be asked for your Facebook profile link, which will automatically be invited into the group after the payment goes through. If you left this space blank during purchase, but would like to join right now – get in touch with our customer support by emailing us at: info [at] (replace “[at]” with @).
What are the secrets shared in your super secret marketing group on Facebook?
Obviously we can’t give everything away, but in the closed Facebook group, we discuss different ways of building online and offline businesses, marketing them in unique ways and you are able to ask 1-on-1 advice from the mastermind behind this website – Linas N.