Google Cancelled All Inactive AdWords Accounts

As of March 26th, 2018, Google has cancelled all inactive AdWords accounts. They released an official statement about this on Google Adwords official blog. You can find a full article right here.

Google defines inactive accounts as ones that didn’t spend anything on Google Ads within the last 15 months. Even if you were actively using one of their other services such as Keyword Planner, as long as no paid advertising was done in the last 15 months, the account will be cancelled.

You are able to reactivate the account at any point by following Google’s short AdWords reactivation guide. Unfortunately any historical data will be deleted if you’re not actively using your account and failing to use it for 3 months after reactivation will lead to another cancellation.

Google has decided to do this as part of their initiative to speed up AdWords and to improve user experience.

So what do these changes mean to AdWord users and what alternative methods you can use to perform keyword research? This is exactly what we’re going to discuss going forward.

How does the cancellation affect me?

Most AdWords users aren’t affected by the change. If you were inactive for 15 months, it means you probably didn’t use their services enough and won’t be negatively affected by the change.

The largest group of people that got affected are ones that used Google AdWords API. Unfortunately API stops working for all inactive accounts, but reactivating it will allow you to use their API again. The only exception to this is if you were using Google test account, which aren’t affected by the ongoing cancellation.

The only way to make the API work again is by reactivating the account, which you could do by following these easy steps:

  1. Head over to AdWords homepage and log in.

  2. Hit the wrench button on top right and select "Preferences" from drop-down menu.

    Preferences tab on Google AdWords
  3. Hit Account Status element and select "Reactivate My Account" option from drop-down menu.

    Reactivate Google AdWords account

If you had any leftover unspent prepaid credit on the AdWords account, it was refunded in full using the same payment system that was attached to the account or one that was used to purchase the credit.

As for all the people that used Google Keyword Planner or other free tools Google offers within AdWords platforms - you’re still able to use those and you won’t get affected by this change. So continue using all their free services and don’t worry about any of these changes being made, because you’re only going to benefit from AdWords becoming faster to use.

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